RFID-Blocking Money Belt

RFID Blocking Money BeltThe RFID-Blocking Money Belt from Travel Navigator Accessories is a great way to keep your valuables protected while you are traveling. The slim design makes it easy to conceal the money belt under your clothes, which is very effective at discouraging pickpockets. It also uses RFID-blocking material to protect your credit cards and passports from unwanted scanning that could be used for identity theft.

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Info on the RFID blocking and more photos are at the end of the page.

  • ULTRA SOFT AND COMFORTABLE: The back of this money belt is very soft, allowing you to comfortably wear it against your skin. The belt is adjustable and stretchy, making it a comfortable fit up to a waist size of 56 inches. It is a slim and lightweight option that is still very durable.
  • CONVENIENT: Two large zippered pockets have plenty of room for your cash, credit cards, drivers license, passport, boarding pass, tickets, and phone (most smartphones will fit). You can even carry multiple passports securely. The larger pocket contains two inner pockets sized for credit cards and a passport.
  • VERSATILE: Keep your valuables undercover by wearing it beneath your clothing for the best security, or wear it on top of your clothing; suitable for both men & women; ideal as a travel wallet and passport holder or for everyday use.
  • PROTECTION FOR YOUR VALUABLES: A hidden money belt is one of the safest ways to carry money, credit cards, and ID. Valuables will be right on your body, and if worn under clothing will go nearly unnoticed. RFID-blocking material also protects you from unwanted scanning of credit cards and passports. Designed to block the 13.56MHz frequency, which is used for RFID tags in passports & credit cards. May not block other RFID frequencies used for employee access cards, key fobs, & cell phones.
  • MADE TO LAST: Quality materials and construction result in a durable product. You’re also backed by our one-year replacement warranty.

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The RFID blocking material is designed to block the 13.56MHz fregquency, which is the same frequency used for the RFID tags in passports and credit cards. It may not block low frequency RFID, which is commonly used for things like animal tags and employee access cards.

Product Details:

  • UPCs: 635635559489 (beige), 635635559472 (black)